Speeches to Empower Audiences in the Office, on the Course & in Life

Debbie’s Most Requested Programs:

Get Your Head in the Game    – Building a Superior Leader’s 4 Critical Soft Skills          In sports they call it “The Head Game”; it is what keeps your team from a championship ring in spite of all their training, experience and education. In business it can throw your company and personal goals completely out of reach.

Choking Under Pressure             Why do some team members choke under the pressure of presentations, meetings or deadlines? What is happening in the brain and what can be done to increase resilience & combat the choke?

From Arghh to Ahhh    – Take Control with 3 Stress Busting Tools           Simply put we all have good and bad stressors. What separates us is how we handle them. Are Stress and Sleep challenges negatively impacting your team’s performance? Experience 3 top skills to handle those challenges.

Focus & Resilience from the Tee Box to the Board Room               Optimal leaders like champion athletes succeed when they can operate in Flow; at will. Understand what is necessary beginning with your brain/body and concluding with your performance.


“How is your brain handling the challenges?”

A LITTLE ABOUT DEBBIE: Debbie Vyskocil is a dynamic and transformational speaker who will help you “Get your head in the game” on the golf course or in the board room. You laugh, learn and leave having experienced tools to take your resiliency, mindfulness and athletic ability to a higher level. Debbie opens audiences to their potential when their brain, body and performance converge. She brings you the science and gives you easy to learn tools. Debbie’s passion for neuroscience and optimal performance leaves you asking “How are my challenges impacting my memory and creativity?” What can I do about it?